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Welcome to Feel Free Fast!

If you've been wishing/ praying for an easy & effective way to change pesky, or seriously destructive, emotional problems, habits, or even PTSD's, welcome to Feel Free Fast!

Recent scientific discoveries have proven that "you" are not to blame for your emotional problems, because, your subconscious conditioning is not under the control of your conscious mind. In fact, it's vice versa. When emotional reactions arise, they are on automatic pilot response, i.e. out of your (conscious) control.

The good news is that we now have the technology to gently reprogram the root causes of any and all of your emotional problems, so you can truly, finally, Feel Free Fast!

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During my Near Death Experience, in Viet Nam, in 1966, it was revealed to me in a powerful flash, that I must heal all of the deeply wounded and dissociated parts of myself; and I suddenly saw the possibilities for a more peaceful, wise, compassionate and helpful (rather than destructive) me. This revelation changed the course of my life and set me firmly on the path of personal and spiritual growth, emotional healing and profound transformation. And I've been working on it, ever since.

My wife Gayla co-created Feel Free Fast together with me. You can tell by reading her bio that her journey will help you immensely on yours.

Together, we've distilled the essence of all of the most successful methods we've learned, into Feel Free Fast!, a self help process that you can easily learn and quickly apply, for quick, effective and lasting results.

Read how we did it in the article “How we developed Feel Free Fast”

We have both been working hard on ourselves with self-help techniques and spiritual practice since the 1960s. My degree’s in physics. I have to know how or why things work and test that they really do. Gayla has an extremely incisive mind that filters out BS quickly. with cooked down all the methods we've tried over all those years into pure broth, the quintessential underlying pattern that all personal emotional transformation is based on. That's why we call it Feel Free Fast.

Although Feel Free Fast! is a self help process, it's not possible to begin the journey completely on your own, because,

"The hardest book to read is the one in our own heart."

The causes of all our most persistent emotional problems are deeply hidden from us, in sub-conscious suppression and dissociation. For example:

How many times have you found yourself reacting to something, before you've even had a microsecond to think about it?

How many times have you had difficulty making a decision because of conflicting thoughts &/ or conflicting feelings?

How many times have you felt something in your heart that didn't agree with the feeling in your gut, or the thoughts in your head?

The reason for these conflicting thoughts, feelings, reactions lies in your powerful, but hidden from conscious view, subconscious conditioning and patterning. Your conditioning reacts 800 times faster than you can think. You, the person you identify as, is a thought/emotion process. You feel like a real thing, but sense of independent self is just a flow of thoughts and feelings.

Your reactions are happening so fast you, the conscious mind can only observe them as they play out. You can not change them as they are happening, only after the fact. So how can you be responsible for those reactions?

Do you realize you actually have three (3!) powerful "minds" running your life?

It's complicated. Your amazing, brilliant, Conscious Mind, with which you are certainly most aware, is actually only a small part of your total story. So let's get familiar with your less obvious, but even more powerful, other parts. They are your:

Conscious Mind

Sub-Conscious Mind

High-Self Mind

You can learn all about them in our article about Your Three Minds. Also learn how we developed Feel Free Fast and about the science, Memory Reconsolidation, the key to all psychological change.