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Living in Joy Living in Luck class


How and Why to find JOY
especially during difficult times

"Powerful & Profoundly Healing"
"A Blessing During These Troubling Times!"

The current situation, economically and health-wise, is generating a great deal of fear and stress, Stress and fear activate the flight or flight (F or F) syndrome. F or F takes the blood out of your brain, shuts off your digestion, and puts more energy into your extremities so you can run or fight back. But you can't run from COVID or unemployment. You can't fight them with your fists. It's an inappropriate response.

But it's difficult to move out of overwhelming stress and/or fear without help. We are here to help! And this is why we are offering our classes with the option to attend by donation.

As Energy Psychology Counselors/Teachers, we know some people will think they "don’t deserve to be happy" during Challenging Times. If you’re one of those people, call Barry A.S.A.P! for 30 free minutes of Transformational Life Counseling, TLC!

Of course, it’s natural to experience difficult emotions during Challenging Times. Concern, fear, anger, grief, frustration and financial stresses are floating in the air, along with the virus. But any kind of stress can lower your immune system, whereas Joy will strengthen it.

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Transformational Life Counseling, TLC!

12 Lesson Course:

Listen to 12 recorded Zoom meetings that range from one hour to one and a half hours in length plus receive up to two hours of personal mentoring.

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Beliefs Create Circumstances

If you've taken workshops and read lots of self-help books to calm your emotions, or to increase your prosperity, your conscious mind may be clear and committed to setting all the right goals. But unfortunately, your conscious mind is only partially helpful. And goals only work on superficial levels.

In this course you'll learn how to calm your subconscious mind. Then you can tap into your awesome High Self, to open auspicious, healing energy channels. —When that happens, "JOY Happens!" even though… no matter what else is happening in the world.

Gayla’s Story:

25 years ago, after my daughter died of a brain tumor, I was at a grief group where a woman told us she "hadn’t laughed once, in the 16 years, since [her] daughter died."

I knew my daughter would not want me to live my life without joy. So, in my daughter’s honor, I started the first Laughter Yoga Group in Northern California. I called it
"The Joy of Laughing: How & Why To Laugh, Even Though, & Especially If, “It’s NO Laughing Matter!”

So now, let's come together for JOY SOS, even though, and especially because, Corona Virus-19 is "NO laughing matter!"


A few months ago, we taught a 12-week Shamanic Feng Shui Course, online.

Our students gave such heartwarming reviews we cried tears of joy! You can view them, here:

Sandeep, LPC & Molly, Artist

Karla, Business Woman

Mary Rose, Business Owner, Interior Designer

Darlene, Interior Designer

Kristin, Interior Designer

Here are a few more testimonials from our last class for you to read:

The mundane creeps in until I’m with you and learning. It takes me to a free, heartfelt place where I know exactly who I am and what to do.
Quite a week it was - I have started to grasp how powerful and transformative these shamanic practices are - in an instant, it feels like a different reality.
This is opening up a new way of my being in the world -Very exciting! Thank you both for sharing your knowledge, lineage and joy! —Karla
I've had an extraordinary amount of blessings. They range from financial (found money, substantial refund from 2018 health insurance premium overcharge) to the physical (my wrist is substantially better, activity level is returning to normal), to the emotional / spiritual (feeling loved & supported by family and friends, little to no stress, feeling confident and at peace with buckets of gratitude). This course has also helped me make important decisions for my path ahead this year. All I can say is WOW! Thank you for your generosity in passing along these sacred practices.
Having made the changes, I’m amazed by how much more comfortable and happy I feel now, in this home I’ve lived in for twenty years. I had no idea how much difference Shamanic Feng Shui could make for me, and so fast! —Darlene

Call or Email
for more Information,
or for a TLC Session:
Barry Gordon c. 510.912.6692 /
Gayla Gordon C. 707.799,9709 /


Living in Joy Living in Luck class

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