Shamanic Feng Shui

Shamanic Feng Shui = The Law of Attraction on Quantum Levels = Manifest Good Fortune, Synchronicities, Well-being & Joy!

Why do we love Shamanic Feng Shui?

It combines spirituality, metaphysics and psychology with practical methods to clear all kinds of problems.

It activates subtle energies that make The Law of Attraction work!

It clears and harmonizes subtle energies to make you feel more comfortable and happy in your home &/or office.

It’s happiness producing and life changing.

It’s not difficult. Anyone can learn it.

We recently completed teaching this 12-week Shamanic Feng Shui Course, live-on-zoom.
Our students gave such rave reviews it made us cry.

Sandeep & Molly (1 min.)

Karla (5 min.)

MaryRose (2 min.)

Darlene (4 min.)

Kirsten (4 min.)

We taught a 3 Year Feng Shui Training, in New York City, for 25 years. Students met for 1 weekend, 24 hours of class time, , 4 X a year. It cost $4400.00 per year.

This Shamanic Feng Shui Course is online —with live mentoring:

You can learn at your own pace, on your own schedule,
and study in your pj’s, if you want to.

You’ll see two Feng Shui Masters (Gayla and Barry)
conducting consultations in several homes and an office.

Plus, you'll receive an hour of personal mentoring worth $360.
If you pay in full, you'll also receive a one hour home or office consultation.

About Your Teachers:

In 1973, Gayla Gordon, DD, MSU, was the first non-Asian Feng Shui practitioner in the US. She has strong lineage in Spiritual and Metaphysical traditions, and comprehensive experience in Interior Design and Energy Psychology.

In 1995, The Honorable Professor Lin Yun chose Barry Gordon, BS Physics, MSU, to be a Senior Teacher and Founder of The BTB Feng Shui Training, at his school in NYC. Barry is also an advanced Energy Psychology Counselor, Coach and Teacher.

Tuition: $959.
Includes one hour of personal mentoring
Pay in full and receive an extra hour of personal mentoring, which can be a home consultation.

Enroll Today:

BONUS: Pay in full. Receive an extra hour of personal mentoring in addition to the included hour of mentoring. Use the hour for personal assistance or a Feng Shui consultation for your home.


The SFS Course

Six, two-hour classes,
And six hours of group mentoring,
Personal mentoring is also available.

SFS Class Topics

Feng Shui Fundamentals

• Fathom Yin Yang • The 5 Elements • The Bagua
• The Fine Art of Placement • The Magic of Metaphors.

Beyond The Basics

"Shamanic" principles, based on underlying energetic, symbolic and metaphysical properties, which are beyond cultural dogma, superstitions, and rigid rules.

Shamanic Rituals

• Personal Clearing • Space Clearing • Laughter Yoga
• Neo-Traditional Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Rituals

Spiritual Shamanic Empowerments

• Personal Healing & Transformation
• Green Tara • Sunshine Buddha • Golden Joy
• Mindfulness Meditations • Flower Blessing Ceremony


Please don't let money be a reason for not registering. We strongly believe you'll benefit immensly from taking this course. Contact us and we'll find a solution.

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