Most people think Luck is a random happenstance and Synchronicity is a curious coincidence.

I’m a Physicist, so I thought so, too. —But, I was wrong! 

I’ve learned that you can actually create your own Luck, way beyond the odds! My wife and I enjoy synchronicities, serendipities, on a daily basis. Many of our friends do, too!

We are so confident that becoming lucky can be learned, that we’ve decided to teach it. We want to share our good fortune with others, so we’re giving a Workshop in NYC, on October 29th, 2016. And we’ve written a 25 page eBook, which we’re giving away, in a FREE Download, today.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading it and take the simple action steps toward your own Good Fortune. —We’ll be looking forward to reading your stories, as your Fate becomes Fabulous!

Living In Luck
Secrets For Creating Synchronicity, Serendipity & The Luck You’ve Always Wished For!

This twenty-five page, Free eBook contains complete instructions, with step-by-step ways to improve your luck, good fortune, and even good karma!

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“The day I started applying what I learned about “Living In Luck”, I was given a free car wash, AND Whole Foods gave me a free bottle of cherry juice. Two free gifts, on the first day, was just the start! Now there are gifts and synchronicities nearly every day. It’s sooo much fun to be truly Living In Luck!” Meredyth