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Helpful Books to Read

Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal

By Stephen Harrod Buhner
This book is dense and gives a wonderful explanation of how our brain filters our experience to create our individual reality.

Self Comes To Mind
By Antonio Damasio

The science describing how the brain creates a sense of individual self.

Living In Luck

Gayla and I are teaching this NEW Workshop, in NYC, on Saturday, April 1st: 

Most people think Luck is a random happenstance, and Synchronicity is a curious coincidence. I am a Physicist, so I thought so, too. But, I was wrong!I learned that you can actually create your own Luck, way beyond the odds!

You can be thrilled by the miracles of Synchronicity, on a daily basis!
You can make Serendipity seem like a “normal” occurrence.

We are also a Feng Shui Masters, so we can tell you, most Chinese people use Feng Shui to increase their Luck. The Chinese understand that Luck is actually a specific kind of energetic (Qi) substance, which can be acquired and applied to magnetize and attract extraordinary Good Fortune.

The belief that good fortune only comes from hard work, is just a belief, and it is not supported by life experience —unless you believe it.

  • Discover the conscious and unconscious beliefs which are blocking your Luck

  • Learn how to let go of any beliefs which are blocking your Luck

  • Learn how to increase and focus your Qi to become like a magnet for Luck

  • Learn how to attract Synchronicities, Serendipities, Good Fortune & Good Karma

  • Discover how a Lucky Life = A Happy Life!

“The day I started applying what I learned about “Living In Luck”, I was given a free car wash, AND Whole Foods gave me a free bottle of cherry juice. Two free gifts, on the first day, was just the start! Now there are gifts and synchronicities nearly every day. It’s sooo much fun to be truly Living In Luck!” Meredyth

The Living In Luck Workshop will open Doors of Possibilities!

Living In Luck Workshop
Sunday, April 2 ~ 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
New York Open Center
22E 30th St, NY NY

Registration is limited, so please register quickly to secure your place.

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Secrets For Creating Synchronicity, Serendipity, & The Luck You’ve Always Wished For!

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