Transformational Life Counseling

Real People - Real Benefits

“Some of the benefits I and others have experienced are significant reduction in feelings of anxiety, fear, and irritation in personal relationships.”
--John M.(Mike) Zimburean, M.D., Seattle, WA Board Certified Psychiatrist

“After I took FFF, I had a dramatic experience using the technique.  I was lying in bed after waking up and noticing how tense my lower back felt.  I started saying PHET, and my back started to relax, and then suddenly my hips wobbled back and forth as if someone were holding them and twisting them right and left.  When I was still again, my back felt very light and open, and has continued to feel that way.  Thank you, Barry” Elizabeth De La Barre, Cranial-Sacral Therapist

“Wow... I cannot believe the shifts I've gotten in my own life in just a few days. I've been released from layer upon layer of stuff.

This is the most amazing psychotherapeutic methodology I've ever seen (and feel free to quote me anytime). It really is simpler, more effective and goes deeper than anything I've ever been exposed to, despite years as a therapist and over 30 years in full-time hypnosis.

My entire internal state has changed mysteriously to one that I now describe as calm excitement. When something comes up, I treat it immediately and am amazed by the stuff that leaves me."
  --Mike M.. Toronto   NLP Trainer and Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor, Time Line Therapy and EFT for years.

“Compared to other energy therapies, I find BSFF (part of FFF) quicker, easier to apply, and extremely thorough. I totally endorse this work and look forward to attend (the) next training sessions.”  --Katrien De Moor, Ferney Voltaire, France

“What an excellent session!  I feel peaceful and still and energized.  Looking forward to using this skill and clearing whatever clearings need to be cleared.”  Steve Bhaerman, AKA Swami Beyondananda

“I was referred to Barry by one of my best friends who is studying with him to be a Feng Shui Master. I had been through a difficult year being with my mother through her dying process, ending a very toxic relationship and having an onset of eating disorder that I thought I had battled years before. I was in need of help to get through it all.

From the moment I heard Barry's voice on the phone during our initial communication, I knew I was going to be nurtured and he was the perfect person to help me find my way back to me. And in only 10 sessions, I had built back the strength I needed to get my life back on track. I will forever be grateful to Barry for being a part of my healing process. I highly recommend him.”


“As a social worker and participant in my own life experiences in mental health services I believed there were no "shortcuts" to healing. Barry has opened a new door for me: to look at things in new ways and help me heal my past, letting go in less time and more effectively than I could have imagined. The wrong medicine, years of childhood abuse, toxic relationships and fear pulled me apart at the seams preventing me from enjoying life with a wonderful husband who is so loving and kind. In just a few sessions, Barry has worked with me to heal the dark and clouded places in me. Thank you Barry, it is a miracle to feel the lightness of being I'm feeling tonight.”


“just want you to know that I think of your teachings often. You walk with me through my life and I wish I could sit with you at length. I am fascinated by your way. Your humor, your connectedness and you understanding and appreciation and use of physics.  You are funny, I value your deeply emotionally connected approach and your ideas and teachings on the seats all the "stuff" holds in our bodies. Thank you and Thank you.  As a 1st year student for your amazing class presentations that resonate so deeply.”

Michael T