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Your Three Independent Minds

We’re all a little schizophrenic

In our every day experiences, most of us feel that we have a unitary consciousness. This is true from the exalted level of Pure Awareness. But, as a personality, in reality, it is only one third of the story. I'm going to devote this article to explaining why you, I, we, us are not as unified as we typically assume we are. There are benefits and wisdom to knowing how and why this is true, and how we can learn to integrate ourselves into wholeness.

We all strongly identify with our own consciousness. We give it a name called, "I". And then we pretty much experience everything in relation to this I, who we think we are. But, if you stop to think about it, do the thoughts that you are conscious of, always agree with the actions that you take, or even the feelings that you have?

How many times have you found yourself reacting to something, before you've even had a microsecond to think about it?

How many times have you had difficulty making a decision because of conflicting thoughts &/or conflicting feelings?

How many times have you felt something in your heart that didn't agree with the feeling in your gut, or the thoughts in your head?

In reality, we all have more than one "mind". In fact, we have three!

Ancient Hawaiian Healers, known as Kahunas, were masters of human psychology. Modern Psychology is starting to catch-up. The Kahuna's understood that everyone has three minds. They named them: the Aumakua, Uhane, and Unihipili. Western psychology would call them the Superconscious, Ego, and Subconscious. In pop-psychology they are termed the High Self, Conscious Mind, and the Child Within (and it's not so little!)

It's quite easy to notice that your Conscious Mind and your Subconscious Mind is separate. You don't need to be consciously involved in digesting food, or your heart beating, or breathing. Once you teach your Subconscious Mind to ride a bicycle, it does so all by itself, with little if any "thought" involved.

Understanding your High Self may be more challenging. Most of us have been conditioned to only perceive any idea of a High Self through a religion as a deity. We were never taught that we actually have a powerful, intuitive, wise, accessible High Self mind, within us!

Our three "minds" all take place within our one unitary Awareness. However, they each operate independently. When we understand their individual functions, we can tap into and integrate their strengths to help us become more whole, healed and integrated as persons in the world.

Of course, we are most familiar with our Conscious Mind, because, it is the focus of our "normal" awareness. It is the "mind" that thinks it makes decisions, deciding what we do, or don't, like &/ or believe, i.e., what is good for us, what we accept or reject re: other people, foods, colors, brands, religions, politics, philosophies, etc, etc, etc. But, in reality it is the Sub Conscious mind which is actually behind determining "Who WE Are." Pretty powerful stuff!

Our Subconscious mind is actually huge and many faceted. It does everything that is autonomic, like breathing, regulating heart beats, digestion, metabolism, adjusting your immune system, and storing your memories, especially emotional memories, motor skills (like bike riding) and just about everything else you don't have to think about. It also manifests your personality.

Your High Self is the ultimate source of intuition, wisdom, compassion, clarity, unconditional love and the Truth within you. Most importantly, your High Self will manifest your life, based on the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, aspirations, desires, intentions, emotions, and imaginations it perceives from your Subconscious and Conscious Mind's makeup.

As I learned in my NDE, our High Self exists in the space beyond good and bad. It assumes that every piece of emotionally charged information in your Subconscious is a prayer that you wish to manifest. --Are you starting to see the problem now?

Your Subconscious Mind is full of contrary and conflicting beliefs, Love/ Hate feelings and emotions. Your Subconscious Mind is a Master of hiding painful memory information, like all the emotions connected with PTSD's, from you. In psychology, the hiding of this buried information is called Dissociation. Your personality is not aware when it is Dissociating. Other people may notice it, but you probably will not.

But your High Self is not susceptible to the deception of Dissociation. It knows everything. You are an open book to your own High Self… and to other Awakened High Selves, too!

So, the sub-personalities in your Subconscious Mind, that love you and hate you, that believe your worthless or wonderful, that believe your unlovable or a cuddly cutie pie, that are afraid of success or failure, they are each constantly vying to influence the creation of your life. There is a huge amount of unconscious dissociated activity in your subconscious mind that rules your life. And it is not always in your best interest.

Ideally, you need to heal all that negative activities in your Subconscious Mind, and reintegrate all the layers of dissociation's into High Self & Conscious Awareness. Shamans call this process, Soul Retrieval. And so it is!

When your Subconscious Mind is truly healed and integrated, your High Self (free of all the conflicting messages) can also integrate into your body and become your best, wise and intuitive friend. Then your three minds can operate in harmonious communication with each other, in order to create the life that you really want to live. Imagine living without inner turmoil and conflicts. Imagine being at Peace with Your-selves!

Ever since my NDE, I devoted my former Physicist self, into learning state-of-the-art psychological, neurological, Shamanic and self-help emotional healing techniques. During those decades, I've learned and developed a fast, ultra-transformative method for helping people make the transition into integrated wholeness, with peace and happiness. We call it FEEL FREE FAST!

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