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How We Change From Fear To Peace.

The Science of Memory Reconsolidation

You might remember, I wrote an article in this newsletter, a while ago, that reported the good news that science has (finally) discovered the neurological and conscious processes that allows us to change unconscious conditioning, that causes us to have inappropriate reactions and/or emotional problems. Scientists named this "new" process, Memory Reconsolidating. 

You may not realize what a big deal this is. If you've taken my classes, or done Feel Free Fast Sessions with me, your changes probably seemed very easy, quick and typically, emotionally painless. 

But, throughout the history of therapy, it has been assumed that, although people could become aware of their conditioning and accept it, they could not change it. When the new technology, Energy Psychology, came along, it had a difficult time gaining acceptance amongst psychological therapists. 

Even traditional Buddhists believed that gaining awareness of the deep conditioning they called "ignorance", and any ability to change it, was a slow, many-lifetime process. Vajrayana Buddhists believe they can speed it up into the work of one lifetime. 

Now, New Science acknowledges that you can quickly eliminate major emotional problems, one by one.

Of course, I'm not claiming that you can delete all your problematic conditioning in just one session… but in 11 Sessions… ;-) JK. 

Feel Free Fast is a succinct, no frills, core expression of Memory Reconsolidation. People often eliminate one, or more, previously intractable problems, in their first session. Remarkable results happen, fast! And, seriously, eleven Feel Free Fast Sessions can transform past conditioning at the deepest levels. Sometimes, it seems miraculous.

In past articles, I've shown you that emotions drive thinking, not the other way around. I've also shown the science that proves that our brains react five or six milliseconds before our conscious minds are aware of what the brain is chosen for us. Everyone has experienced their normally rational brain seemingly switching off and then witnessing ourselves performing or communicating in ways that completely surprise us. Sometimes they are amazingly wonderful but other times they can be shameful or embarrassing.

Unchosen responses are triggered by our subconscious perception of the emotional and physical environment, several milliseconds before the conscious mind is aware of them. All of our responses are based on our Emotional Learning (EL) gained from past experiences. Our experience is not the problem. Our problem is the Emotional Learning we have acquired during our lifetime(s). Feel Free Fast always assumes that the Emotional Learning is the only problem that needs to be addressed in order to heal even insidious issues, such as PTSD's. 

In 2004, Hector Maldenado's lab in Argentina was able to decondition a subgroup of crabs they had previously placed in a dangerous environment many times. This group of crabs was then placed, one by one, in the same area without the danger and then put in a safe tank. A second group was placed in the dangerous environment and then back in danger again.

The first group experienced a mismatch. The area was no longer dangerous. This completely deleted the conditioning. The second group continued to experience fear in the area with or without the danger.

Step one is to vividly experience the triggering of the old Emotional Learning. Step two is the vivid powerful experience of a new learning that mismatches the old learning. Step three is the juxtaposition of these two experiences.

This is the underlying fractal equation that defines all emotional change process, whether psychological, spiritual, bodywork, or shamanic. Feel Free Fast is a bare-bones unadulterated use of these principles.

During Feel Free Fast sessions with clients, I assist the client to re-experience whatever Emotional Learning is causing their presented problem. Occasionally, the process is too painful or re-stimulating of their PTSD's. But, with Feel Free Fast, we can still eliminate the Emotional Learning, even if it is not triggered. That is a huge blessing, and the reason I prefer Feel Free Fast over other therapeutic methods.

Feel Free Fast transforms Emotional Learning, leading to awakened Emotional Wisdom, and that is where the fun, i.e., a happier life!, begins!  See my upcoming Workshop on this subject, below.

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