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Pain From Drug Reactions & OCD

The Multifaceted Effects of Feel Free Fast!

"Sue" had been having very serious complications from medical drugs that she'd been taking for about six years, as well as, holdovers from her very traumatic childhood. Sue's original issue (which we did not work on in this session) was OCD, primarily due to childhood sexual trauma. 

In 2006, Sue went for a sleep test because she was having so much difficulty getting any restful sleep. In addition to diagnosing serious Sleep Apnea, the doctor noted that she also had Restless Leg Syndrome. So, she started taking a few different drugs for the RLS. 

Over the years, Sue developed pain in many places of her body, her OCD increased, she could not sleep, and she became a shopaholic, making regular trips to Walmart, at 3 o'clock in the morning! You can imagine, her husband was frightened by her going out, alone, at 3 AM, while he was sleeping, not to mention that her uncontrollable shopping sprees were seriously affecting their budget.   

On a hunch, her husband did an internet search for information about the drugs that she was taking, and he soon learned that the side effects* included sleep issues, bodily pain, an increase in OCD symptoms, and shopaholic symptoms! - These drugs are all dopamine agonists. But, when Sue tried to slowly eliminate the drugs, she developed Dopamine Agonist Withdrawal Syndrome (DAWS). 

There is not much information available about DAWS and no one seems to know how to heal it. The experts say one can titrate the dosage down to about 5mg but not less. (Which sounds like a life-sentence of DAWS, to me.) *Actually, there are no such things as "side effects," there are only only "effects". If you're lucky, one of those effects may be the one you need. "Side effects" is just an euphemism to make all the unwanted consequences of drugs seem palatable. 

After I explained BSFF to Sue, and she read the instructions to her subconscious mind, I asked her to get a SUDS level for her pain, including physical and emotional. It was a Top 10. I instructed her to start saying her Cue Word and keep her attention on the physical and emotional pain. Even though BSFF is designated to relieve emotional pain, physical pain is often emotionally caused. 

Even though it seemed likely that Sue's physical pain was caused by the drugs, we couldn't be totally sure, so I always treat for other possibilities, as well. As Sue kept treating, she reported movement and change in her symptoms. When her SUDS level fell to between 0 and 1, she got stuck. I coached her to begin the Fail Safe Method. (I always check my client's answers with my own Dowsing, using the Ring Test with my fingers, while they treat each statement, until the statement is cleared.) 

When Sue got about half way thru the Fail Safes, she began to panic and strongly insisted that she had to STOP on the spot! I explained to her that the purpose of the Fail Safe is to address the dissociated parts, which believe they are keeping her safe by keeping her in pain, and that they would cause her to dissociate and "run away." Her panic was the reaction of those parts trying to resist change. 

Fortunately, she understood and, therefore, elected to keep going. NOTE: Understanding this tendency for people to STOP, and knowing what is behind it, is very important to our BSFF Work. You need to be able to explain it to your clients. It is also one reason why we, ourselves, may need a BSFF Coach to clear our own difficult problems. Because the fierce reaction to STOP comes directly from the sub-conscious mind/ gut level, we can't see it, we can only react to it. It is deeply hidden from our conscious self. That's when an objective BSFF Coach is invaluable. 

As Sue continued, my right arm started shaking vigorously --with no conscious input on my part. I always say the client's Cue Word, along with them, to resonate and add the power of our two minds working together. So, it is not unusual for me to experience some of the client's symptoms as they are clearing. Sue finally got her SUDS level down to zero, and we did the closing sequence. 

Then, she told me she had not felt this good in years. She was almost pain free. She felt a weight lifted off. And she felt happy, for the first time in a very long time. As a BSFF Coach, reports like this are music to my ears. Then, I asked Sue if she had any problem with her right arm. She said that, for a very long time, her right arm had been so weak that she couldn't use it to hold anything. But, suddenly, now it was strong again. The weakness was gone! You never know what a BSFF session can accomplish. It continually astonishes me. 

That evening I called Sue, because I had the wrong Zip Code for her credit card. Her husband answered and the first thing he said to me was, "Thank you for giving me a new wife!" Hearing a statement like that, makes BSFF priceless!  And her husband began sessions immediately.

I hope this Case History has meaning for you. And we hope you will send us your stories, because stories can be very beneficial for others. Just change the person's name (like I did) because, of course, we always want to respect our client's privacy. But their stories are like gold, they can  enrich the lives of others.

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