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An Amazing Recovery From a Life Threatening Condition

Before and After MRI’s Back It Up

Before you read this astounding case, I want to be sure you understand that BSFF can not be used for medical conditions. It is only for the emotional discomfort that might be associated with the condition. If you are ill you need to see a medical professional. 

A client called complaining of severe abdominal pain. She had been to the doctor two days before. After a CAT scan, she was diagnosed with diverticulosis and a small intestinal perforation. She was sent home with Vicodan. I told her that this was very serious, even life threatening and that she should go back to the hospital. 

We tried BSFF to see if she could mitigate the pain. In fifteen minutes she was out of pain. I then told her that I did not know if BSFF could help with the perforation, but why not give it a try. I had seen a report of BSFF stopping severe bleeding. So we gave it a try by using a complex treatment statement and working the SUD level down to zero. Again I told her to go back to the hospital.

She did not go back that day, because she was out of pain. She went back the next day. The doctor would not see her and the NP accused her of coming in for the Vicodan. She forced them to send her to another doctor. He looked at the CAT scan and seemed nervous. He said she should have been in the hospital three days ago, needed another scan, and might need an operation. 

The new scan showed that the diverticulosis and perforated intestine were no longer present. All evidence had disappeared. Please be clear that BSFF did not heal this condition. She freed herself from the emotional root that was one of the underlying causes for the condition and her body healed itself.

These case histories give you an idea of the range of possibilities of BSFF treatment. Just try it whenever you notice discomfort. I will write up a few more case histories in the next Newsletter. If you have stories you would like to share, please send them to me for inclusion in the article.

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