Some of the Many Topics & How You'll Benefit

Shamanic Feng Shui
& The Law of Attraction

How to manifest Synchronicities, Serendipities, Good Fortune, Joy, & Whatever Your Heart Desires! Feng Shui is one of the oldest and most powerful ways to control the Law of Attraction to get what you want. We reveal the secret and guide you to making it work.

Feng Shui Fundamentals

Understanding Yin Yang • The 5 Elements • The Bagua
 • The Fine Art of Placement & The Magic of Metaphors.

You’ll learn these metaphysical principles based on the underlying energetic and symbolic principles, freeing you from the box of culture and rigid rules.

Shamanic Rituals for Personal Transformation

Personal Clearing • Space Clearing 
 • Neo-Traditional Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Rituals
 • Laughter Yoga

H.H.Professor Lin Yun Rimpoche considered Feng Shui one of the five ways to cultivate, adjust or transform your Qi (yourself). He claimed that all transformation could be accomplished with any one of them including Shamanic Rituals and the forces of the natural world.

Spiritual Shamanic Empowerments

Green Tara • Sunshine Buddha • Mindfulness Meditations

These meditations will help you heal, transform and experience more joy.

Plus Much Much More!

Special Bonus

Register for the first Shamanic Feng Shui training and recieve a free one year subscription to The Joy Club, a $333 value.

Joy is the biggest secret to manifestation. And its your birthright. You came here to experience the joy of physicality and stuff got in the way. We'll meet for 15 to 30 minutes once a week to clear whatever is bringing you out of Joy and fill our hearts with Joy.

Perpetual Joy!

  • Expand Your Qi!
  • Elevate Your JOY! Happiness! & Well-being!
  • Experience The Joy of HeartBrain Coherence
  • Elevate Your Hidden-Brain's Emotional Constrictions
  • Exhilarate & Celebrate Your Synchronicities & Synchronicities!

Join Right Now for the sheer JOY! of it!

We’ll be inspiring Perpetual Joy! every Sunday Morning: 9AM Pacific Time, starting immediately. Joy sessions may be 20, or 90, minutes. Most sessions will be recorded, so you can tune-in anytime. We have no idea of a time frame for Perpetual Joy! Perhaps it will become “Perpetual!" :)

For those who have already registered for Shamanic Feng Shui, or whomever registers before Nov10, 2019.
there will be no extra charge for the first year of membership in Perpetual Joy! It's our gift to you <💜> For people joining after Nov. 1st, it will be $333. per year, or $999. for a lifetime of inspiring Perpetual Joy!

What & When

Six, 2-Hour Classes
Live on Zoom
With Group Mentoring at the end of every class

Date & Times

To be determined by the participants to maximize your live class time availability. The first class will be in the first week of November.

(We’ll skip the week of Thanksgiving)

Don’t worry If you can’t attend on certain days/times.
All classes will be recorded.

Thank you for joining Shamanic Feng Shui.

Choose to pay in full or one of the monthly payment plans from the buttons below. If you're experiencing financial issues, this class will help you. If you're determined to take the class, contact us to work out a solution.

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