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Here's my story so far. And the healing continues. If X39 can so dramatically improve these conditions, think of what it will do to prevent them as you age. Think of what it will do to regenerate and rejuvenate you creating a younger you.

In case you don't want to take the time to watch here is the current list of miracles Gayla and I have experienced.

I’ve been using LifeWave X39 patches for about 4 months now.
Here's what I noticed:

Week 1: More energy and deeper sleep.
Week 2-3:
* I had a cleansing reaction. Then my belly disappeared. (I’ve had a belly all my life, even when I went from 180# to 93# while living in India.)
* For the last few years, I’ve awakened every morning with pain in my large intestine. It’s gone.
* I had an attack of shingles in December of 2018. I treated it naturally and mostly healed it, but would often get itchy flare ups. No more.
Week 4-6:
* I haven't been able to run for years, because I'd get knee pain within 100 yards. Now, I’m running distances, pain free!
* My arthritis pain is 90% gone.
* I've always suffered with seasonal allergies. Not this year.
* I had a sinus condition. It’s 90% gone.
Week 7-16:
* I have astigmatism in my right eye from inflammation in the macular. It’s 50% better.
* My overall mood is noticeably better and more positive.
* I have much better focus.
* My memory has greatly improved.
* My hair is getting thicker and growing faster.
* I was having cognitive issues because of concussions while playing football in H.S. and College. People I have not seen for a few months because of Covid are remarking that my brian is working much better.

I’ve been using LifeWave X39 patches for about 10 weeks now.
Here's what I noticed:

Week 1-9:
Whenever I was asked what I was noticing form X39, I had to say, “Not much, because I really don’t have any problems, I’m already so healthy and energetic! —But Barry…” —And then I’d tell his stories.

Now, I have my own!
Week 9-10:
* I can see my computer screen, crystal clear, without the prescription computer glasses I’ve needed for the past 8 years.
* For the past several decades, I've only seen the moon with a double image, due to astigmatism. But, the night before last, I looked up at the full moon and to my amazement, I saw ONE gorgeous moon, craters and all!
* I was needing to clean my hairbrush after every use. Not now, because my hair has stopped falling out!
* Barry says my wrinkles are going… I’m not sure, and I don’t care, I CAN SEE THE MOON!

BTW, stats say:
50% of people using X39 experience noticeable health benefits within 24 hours. 70% feel benefits within 1 to 3 weeks. Some people take longer. But whether you notice benefits right away, or in a few months, you can rest assured, X39 will be working in your body to stimulate your immune system, accelerate wound healing, repair over 4000 genes, and lower your biological age to a younger, peppier, smarter, more flexible, more beautiful you.

Here's How It Works and Some of the Conditions It Helps

Here is an explanation of the technology and how it can help you. It's a presentation directly from the inventor and CEO of Lifewave, David Schmidt. He's not only a scientist, he has a broad range of experience in many natural healing modalities and I'm impressed with his ethics. As you'll see the science behind X39 is impeccable.

Call us at 510.912.6692 or email us to learn how to use the X39 patch and to get the best price.

Take advantage of the 90 day money back guarantee. Although milage varies and the bigger your health issue, the more dramatic the results, we guarantee you'll feel healthier, stronger, younger and mentally clearer or your money back.

Love and Joy,
Gayla & Barry

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