Anorexia Activated by Breakup of Relationship

Georgia's initial complaint was that she always picks the wrong man. She chooses men who, at least in her mind, need to be saved, changed, or healed. Of course, that criteria is not a good foundation for a healthy relationship. It sets her up for failure every time.

When she finally gives up on the man project and all of the problems it has invited into her life, she dwells on the lost guy, for months, and to add to her misery, she becomes anorexic.

She said that she always recognizes the guy as soon as she meets him, and she knows how it will not work out in the end, but she feels powerless to stop herself from getting involved, again. This is a great example of how we can even be conscious of our problem, and want to solve it, yet, not have the wherewithal (like FFF tools & a Coach) to do so.

When she called me, Georgia had just broken up with another wrong person. Let's call him "Sam". She told me that she was having difficulty letting Sam go. She said she always "gives her power away in every relationship." And, once again, she'd become anorexic and lost a lot of weight.

Her following story took place over a number of sessions. A lifetime of repetitive patterns may require more than a few FFF sessions and an experienced Coach to become fully resolved.

We started BSFF, by working on the problems and issues which were keeping her from letting go of Sam. When she experienced relief in those areas, we went on to Treat the grief, loss and sadness, from or in relation to, the loss of her love relationship with Sam and all her other failed relationships.

In the process, memories of her father, with his control freak and violence issues, began to surface. We kept Treating through all of those intense memories and feelings as they arose. She also had flashbacks about her "controlling mother", who'd passed away around six months earlier. And finally, she revealed some very intense fears of getting fat.

During one session, she told me she'd eaten a bagel with peanut butter, jelly and chocolate chips. Could you imagine any more fattening food? She said she "forced herself to eat half of it," but could not eat any more. I had her retrieve the other half of that bagel, and hold it in her hand while we Treated, until all of her disgust was gone. After that, we Treated, until she actually wanted to eat it.

One of the great things about BSFF is that we don't need to go deeply into a person's history, to uncover all the horrible experiences of the past, like is done in traditional Therapy. Your Subconscious Mind already knows all of the conditioning that needs to change, in relation to every issue that it brings up. With my offering just a few insights into her issues, Georgia could then Treat herself with BSFF to, almost automatically, eliminate all of her past conditioning, even if she, herself, was unaware of having it.

We continued Treating with her cue word. When her SUD level got down to three, she suddenly said, "Wow I just got hungry!" --That was a transformational breakthrough!

During our next few sessions, I'd always ask if she was eating okay. Her answer was consistently, "Yes!" Her anorexic problems were ended! --Praise Be, Be Set Free Fast!

It's well known that Anorexia is very difficult to treat conventionally. So Georgia's rapid relief was quite a surprise to me. Anorexia is often associated people who've had very controlling parents, or one controlling parent and one abandoning parent. Either way, their style of parenting teaches the child to fundamentally feel unloved, unworthy and unlovable. Those early lessons are deeply ingrained in the Subconscious Mind and they set the unfortunate patterns for a lifetime of behaviors.

In earlier sessions, Georgia had expressed her feelings around her controlling and violent father, and her controlling mother. When we tested for “I’m unlovable”, that was all too true for her. Then, she tested "true" for “I’m too much”, which is also a common theme in anorexia. We also tested for “There must be something wrong with me,” which is common where there's been one violent parent, and the other parent not helping, i.e., abandoning. Both of these statements tested true for Georgia. We Treated each of these problems, until she got down to zero on the SUD level.

A few weeks later, Georgia got an unexpected call from Sam. She didn't answer it, and instead of her typical emotional reactions, like bringing up all the old issues and feelings of love lost, and getting sick and anorexic around it, she simply experienced a mild emotional upset which only lasted for a couple of hours before she was completely over it. And for the first time, ever, she did not feel compelled to return his call.

Georgia announced in our following session, that she had "happily!" gained five pounds in just one month. --If you've had any experience with anorexics, you know this is a BSFF miracle.

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