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  • “I thought I was working out a trauma from my childhood, and felt an immediate sense of calm and release, but as the days after my FFF session went on I realized I no longer felt like drinking. It was amazing, something I’ve struggled with for years just gone. “

  • “Frankie had a session with you and I also knew that she has some very deep issues to deal with. It looks like the session helped her with her chocolate addiction. She is not attracted to food as she used to.”


  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I just got off the phone with you from our Feel  Free Fast session and my back is pain free.  It is amazing to me that it actually works, but the truth is, it does.”

  • “Ache or pain, headache starting, etc. FFF and zap! It is gone. Thought you were going a little off the deep end about "a sense of bliss" so now I sure know what you were talking about!! Pleasure for sure.”


  • “The studio sessions this past weekend went so well!  The songs sound amazing, I couldn't be happier. Since we did the be set free exercise over the phone, I just keep dissolving any anxiety that comes up and I've honestly never felt so calm before. Thanks for talking me through that. It was so helpful.”

  • “Thanks for a great workshop.  My speech was well received and surprisingly I had fun giving it.  This FFF stuff really works!”


  • “No more panic attacks or nightmares. Especially no more obsessive thoughts. I am still using my trigger word as soon as my brain starts wandering. My depression has definitely lifted and now I am more successful in Real Estate than ever before.”

  • “I had waking and sleeping nightmares that made life impossible. They were gone in one session.”


“Having amazing results using the FFF training. I have a brother with whom I 've experienced past hurts and injuries. I have never looked forward to sharing the holidays with him. We both had the most enjoyable Thanksgiving ever.”


“We received four new contracts the week after we took the class!! Unsolicited, unexpected work that has increased our income by 25%!”

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